GranoVita Suppliers of Healthy, Nutritious, Organic, Free From, Vegetarian and Vegan Foods

    granoVita UK is a leading supplier of healthy, nutritious, organic, free from, vegetarian and vegan food products. granoVita was founded in 1929 and ever since has been dedicated to providing customers with strong traditional knowledge in the power of plants, creating delicious recipes focusing on food with added health value.

    We aim to provide products made with trusted ancient ingredients with our traditional roots knowledge and we use our knowledge to provide excellent customer satisfaction. We are constantly striving within the market for improved ways to enhance customer experience by keeping to our roots and using ancient ingredients to make new health benefitting food products for the modern market.

    To help broaden this aim, we have re-branded our image, giving a fresh new look, promoting our traditional roots and giving our packaging the expertise granoVita seal of approval. With our enthusiastic team who are passionate about promoting our products and the ingredients that go into them, more importantly the ingredients that don’t.

    Our Product Categories

    Organic Snack Pots

    Our new Organic Snack Pots can be enjoyed on the go, in the office or at home. A perfect quick and easy meal, which is a healthier alternative to current snack pots on the market. Available in seven delicious flavours in either a pasta, couscous or noodle soup variety.

    Vegan Pates

    Our delicious yeast & tofu based gourmet pâtés are offered in a flavoursome range. Our pâtés are meat free to suit vegetarian and vegan diets as well as being dairy free and gluten free* (except chickpea). Produced in convenient, practical and resealable packaging to maintain product flavour and freshness.

    All pâtés are perfect for an indulgent treat of a light snack; ideal for spreading on crackers and toast or as a savoury dip.

    Organic Oils

    Our current range includes, Flaxseed Oil and Hemp Oil. 

    All our oils are made using a cold pressed process in order to retain their products nutrients to ensure our customers gain the most from our oils. These versatile oils can be easily incorporated into the daily diet, by either taking alone or consuming with foods, ideal on salads, porridges or to accompany smoothies.

    Meat Free Meals

    Our range of delicious meat free meals, includes: Nut Luncheon, Mock Duck and Vegetarian Hot Dogs. Our tins are extremely versatile, ready to cook and easy to prepare and can be added to casseroles, curries, pies or your favourite dish. All of which are Vegetarian suitable and dairy free. Our Nut Luncheon and Mock Duck are suitable for a Vegan diets.

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    Prices and VAT
    All products are VAT exempt unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to change at anytime.

    If for any reason beyond our control, we are unable to supply a particular item, we will not be liable to you.

    Independent wholesalers, health stores, selected multiples, Holland and Barrett and online.

    Are all the Oils Virgin Cold Pressed?
    Yes, all our oils have been virgin cold pressed. This is a process where oil is squeezed from the seed at a temperature below 40’C. This ensures that the full essence and character of the oil is preserved.

    Do the Pâtés need to be thrown away after opening?
    No, granoVita have produced both pâtés with resealable lids to allow them to be stored once opened. Our tinned pâté can be stored for up to 5 days in a fridge. Our squeezy tubes can be stored for 4 weeks in the fridge.

    Are the oils shelf stable?
    All our oils are shelf stable, allowing them to be stored in cupboards until required to be opened. Once opened they must be refrigerated and consumed over 6 weeks.

    Does the Hemp Oil contain CBD?
    The Hemp oil does not contain CBD as it is food grade.

    Can the pâtés be eaten whilst pregnant?
    You would have to consult with your GP or Pharmacy.

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